Didn’t Have to Call in Sick

I have a mild case of the flu. Chills, cough, headache, bodyache, chest discomfort, possible fever…it’s the flu.

Fortunately, it snowed here last night. I don’t have to use a sick day. The Lord closed the college for me. 🙂

…but since I got up early to check the website (for some reason they post the info there rather than having any form of call-chain), and I even showered…I’m watching some “Lost” on DVD and thinking about going to get something to eat from the grocery store. (Fortunately, this illness doesn’t seem to have affected–effected?–my appetite.)

I am exhausted, though…and I look forward to a day, if not a weekend, of coming in and out of consciousness on the couch and having to scan back on the DVD because I missed something while I was coughing.

…and the worst part is, I’m going to have to miss Heeley’s “Boys-Night-Out” tonight. Sorry, Tim. Long as y’all are raising Hell, pick me up some brochures.

Also: The spell-check on the blogger site doesn’t seem to be working, so please excuse my errors.

UPDATE (Wee Hours of Saturday): My fever reached nearly 102 degrees. Through a crapload of OTC drugs, it’s currently leveling out around 99.5. That’s kind of intense. Also, I’ve been smelling blood all day, which pretty much indicates that my sinuses and/or throat are torn up. So, yeah…heck of a snowday…


2 thoughts on “Didn’t Have to Call in Sick”

  1. Returning to the Internet February 1, 2008.
    Is the new site ready yet? Some of us have nothing better to do! 🙂

    My word verification was drchwj. That looks like a Bond villian. “Welcome to my island home, Mr. Bond. My name is Dr. Chowj. I trust you will be comfortable. Please pay no attention to my men with threatening you with the machine guns.”

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