– Pimping My Site…

Reopening February 1, 2008.

That’s right. The server problems have been solved. The art is looking good. We’re just about ready to go. Only waiting until the 1st to avoid any residual bandwidth issues since we started exceeding it in the early part of this month. Should be good to go on February 1. FINALLY. Thanks for hanging in there. I’m going to be working hands-on to make sure it’s been worth the wait.

Current Listening:

Drive-By Truckers: “Brighter than Creation’s Dark” – New record that came out Tuesday. It’s neato.

One thought on “ – Pimping My Site…”

  1. alright Derek…so when are you free for lunch? Nearly 6 months and counting….

    (my word verification is “ralvu”. I like it. I may use it sometime today.)

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