Seven things…

A couple of days ago, Jonco at “Bits & Pieces” (see link to the right) tagged my blog. That’s a internet bloggy thing that’s going on… As part of it, I’m supposed to post seven links to other blogs and tell you seven things about me that you might not know. Only problem with that is that I’m not sure I even know seven people who HAVE blogs…most of my friends exist in my offline world…so I’ll have to get back to that part, but I’ll go ahead and tell you seven things you might not know about me, and tell you to check out the Bits & Pieces blog. He posts some really cool stuff over there.

The seven things are kind of hard to come up with, since I’m pretty open on my blog…so much so that it sometimes gets me in trouble, in fact…but I think this stuff counts. Some of you will know some of this, but others will be surprised.

  1. I’m deaf in my left ear.
  2. I once mooned a Bible-reading because I disagreed with the point they were trying to make.
  3. I used to be a member of the rock band Cheap Trick’s fanclub–and they still send me a Christmas card every year.
  4. I wrote a letter to American Splendor author Harvey Pekar. He didn’t respond.
  5. Any time I go on a trip (vacation, convention, whatever), I usually lie about either my profession, my name, or my country of origin at some point during the trip (to other hotel patrons and store-owners, mostly). I don’t really know why I do that…but there are people all over the country who think I’m an Irish Luthier (Guitar Maker) called Colin.
  6. I saw “Spice World” a grand total of 201 times, many of which happened while I lived in Lincoln, IL and had nothing to do. Had to re-buy the video tape at one point.
  7. I voted for Nader in 2000. I’m deeply, deeply sorry, America. I really thought Gore was going to win, but I wanted to be a part of throwing a little bit of a scare into the Democratic party…worked too well. My bad.

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