Sleepy Rambling

I had a really bad headache last night. So bad it kept me awake until like 6 a.m., and now I’m exhausted. Not much chance for a nap, either…but I’ll HAVE to take one. I’m not sure if the headache came from my sinus condition I’ve been fighting, or if it was a typical “insomnia headache.” (When I have insomniac bouts, a headache usually comes along with it.) Headache’s a little better today, though…but for some reason my right hip kind of hurts, which is probably due to sleeping on it…plus I had two 4-hour gigs over the weekend, which made my legs kind of sore, so that’s probably a part of it, too…or it’s all related to the bad back I’ve had since High School…

Apparently I’m falling apart…

People probably think I’m a hypochondriac…I’m not. I have fairly consistent pain in different places for different reasons, and it’s in my nature to analyze those pains. That’s pretty much it. If I were a hypochondriac, I’d be going to the doctor every time I had any notion of anything being “wrong.” As it is, I avoid doctors like the plague and just whine about stuff on my blog. I don’t think that necessarily makes me a hypochondriac. Attention whore, maybe…but not a hypochondriac.

In other news…I’m rehearsing with Blue Tattoo tonight. Hopefully we’ll have a new mixer for the vocals as well. I ordered one on New Year’s Day (excellent song, btw), and usually the shipping on stuff like this is pretty quick. UPS says it’s in town, so we’ll see if it gets to my house today. Hope so. It’d be nice to hear the vocals…assuming I’m still awake by then.

If you’re not doing anything on Saturday and you’re in the St. Charles area, stop by Mac’s Come On Inn and see me play bass with the Michael Feldman Group. It’s all classic-rock/blues covers. Pretty fun. I’m still learning some of the tunes, so you’ll get to see me fumble with a music stand and cursing my own hands if you come by. I’ll be calling in some favors when Blue Tattoo starts gigging, too…but until then, the Feldman Group plays some pretty good stuff.

Stuff for is coming together and looking pretty good. It’s kind of low-fi, because the flash-software that was purchased for the site last year just isn’t as good as it promised to be. Pictures often come out looking blurry and terrible, especially on lighter backgrounds…plus, parts of images were deleting for no good reason. Guess you get what you pay for, and I forked out cash for a crappy program. Live and learn (and avoid Coffee Cup Firestarter)… But the new site should still be ready to go on Saturday. It’ll look pretty good, especially considering the errors that had to be overcome.

Well, I’m going to resume sitting around trying not to nod off for a while…then I’m going to nod off. Can’t believe it’s only 1:20…

Current Listening:
I keep playing “Hey Beautiful” by the Solids. It’s the theme song to the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” to which I am addicted. That’s one of the shows that really has me pissed about the writers strike. If Letterman can figure out a way to deal with this, surely everyone else can too…it’s just ridiculous. Anyway…check out They’re pretty good. Kind of Bowie meets Beatles meets college-rock.


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