Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy and legendary 2008. Hope it’s awesome.

I can assure you that the issues with my website are temporary and we’ll be back up no later than the fifth. Thanks to all of you who’ve e-mailed me.

Played bass at a pretty good party to ring in the new year. I was in an awesome suit. I looked great. I also played great. You are sorry you weren’t there. (Unless you’re my dad or Susan…who…y’know…WERE.)

Completely off topic, I’m still having sinus problems, but they’re getting better, I think. Sudafed Sinus Headache is great.

Only thing I’ve had to eat today is the biscuits and gravy they passed around at the end of the night to sober-up the drunks…so I’m going to scavenge for some food.

This is a really bad post…

Current Listening:

  • Aimee Mann – “The Longest Arm”

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