Great…this again…

Remember a while back when I was complaining about pulling something in my chest?

I think I did it again, trying to lift VERY full bags of trash from my basement (I’ve done some cleaning and reorganizing this week). Hurts somewhere between my left pectoral and my left under-arm. It’s miserable. Ibuprofen helps, but it mostly makes things relax in that “dull” way, if you know what I mean… Things don’t hurt, exactly, but I the muscle is still tender and kind of–not numb, but it feels like it’s been pounded on, and I get stabbing pains in the pectoral/chest area when I move in weird (but apparently frequent) ways. When will I learn to not lift things that’re out of my league???

Anyway…Christmas was otherwise good. Got some cool DVDs and stuff like that. My brother and sister-in-law got me wineglasses and one of those back-massaging-chair-thingies (I’ve had back problems for years). My dad’s girlfriend ALSO got me wineglasses (but a different kind, so it’s cool) and also some sort of weird Indian flute thingy that’s pretty cool and will undoubtedly end up on some record I do someday. Kind of like a big tin-whistle, but made of wood and with a way lower tone, and in a different tuning…so REALLY only KIND OF like a tin whistle, I guess… Then, at one point, my dad leaned against or sat in gravy and spent part of the night pants-less…which was odd, but bound to happen eventually. In all, a fun holiday.

I’ve been marathoning the first season of “How I Met Your Mother” on DVD (in my opinion one of the better comedies on TV these days). Figured out how it relates to my life, if you’ve got a second. I’m like Ted, the single guy looking for a girl. My brother and sister-in-law are like Marshall and Lilly (the engaged/married couple, depending on the season, who end up dragging Ted–me–along). The problem, though, is that I don’t have a Barney (a friend who celebrates his bachelorhood and gets me into crazy situations where I meet crazy women). So…taking applications for a Barney, who will hopefully lead me to a girl.

So anyway, my chest/shoulder/whatever hurts and I’m going to bed, hoping it’ll heal up a little. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll write a new post that states that the muscle ache was temporary and I was just over-reacting…but I think I’m in for two-four months of healing…again… Sigh…

Hope your Christmas was good.


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