Nothing’s Bloggering Me…

Hi. Sorry the blog’s been boring for a few days…nothing to report.

As it appears I’ll continue to have little to report for a while, sometime in the next day or so, I’m going to post a short story I’ve written…just need to finalize a few things. So watch for that! 🙂

Only thing going on right now is that I’ve finished reading Nick Hornby’s “How to be Good.” It was really good. The ending was a little bit flat, but understandably so. It ties up the main character’s direction, but sort of leaves you saying, “Why’d he end it with THAT?” Way more fulfilling than a lot of the endings I’ve read lately, but it still has a weird feeling to it. All in all though, I’d put this one in third place among his books I’ve read (“Hi Fidelity” being first, and “A Long Way Down” being second…or maybe the other way round…depends on my mood.)

Current Listening:

  • “Octavarium” by Dream Theater
  • “Trace” by Son Volt

I’d like to say a word about “Trace,” by the way… A few years back, I was in a band called “union jack” (yes, it’s supposed to be lowercase!) with a guy called Marc–who now reads my blog and goes to my website. A few years into the band, Marc got into the whole Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo scene, and I thought he was nuts. (I was more into the punk/metal/straightforward rock stuff.) Here it is about ten years later (yikes!), and I LOVE that stuff. If I’d only known then what I do now, we could’ve written some REALLY great stuff together. (Not that we DIDN’T…I actually dug out our old demo and listened to it not too long ago. It was good…real good, but I wonder where we could’ve gone sometimes.) Anyway…sorry about that Marc.

About to start reading:

  • “Sister Carrie” by Dreiser
  • or maybe “Crow Lake” by Mary Lawson…
  • …and sooner or later, I’ve GOT to read “Eventide” by Haruf, because “Plainsong” was excellent.