Pulled Over

I was driving to work, and a policeman followed me for probably about a mile. He eventually pulled me over, of course. I didn’t think I was speeding…and I was right. Turns out that my license-plates had expired in January. Coulda sworn I bought two-year plates…but no. Whoops! The state usually sends a reminder notice about a month before it’s due, but they didn’t this year…so I forgot, and I was ticketed for it.

I also got a ticket for having an expired auto inspection…which was wrong. My car is a 95. In Missouri, cars built on odd-numbered years are inspected on odd numbered years (and even on even). This is 2006. That’s EVEN. Didn’t realize the error until after I had already gotten my license plates renewed (as soon as possible after getting the ticket). They looked up my records on their computer and issued the new stickers for the plates…and that’s when it sunk in that I didn’t need an inspection to renew my plates. So, I probably am going to have to go into court to try to prove that the second ticket was issued in error…which probably won’t work…and then I’ll probably say something that will get me held in contempt of court.

Maybe it’s worth the extra $65 to avoid that? Thoughts?

Anyway…check your plates…

Current Listening:

  • Soundtrack to “Hard Core Logo” — Some of the best punk you can find.
  • Headstones – “Oracle of Hi/Fi” –Some MORE.
  • Descendents – “Everything Sucks” — Even MORE!!! 🙂

Current Reading:

  • I’ve put “The Dante Club” on hold a bit… Everyone tells me that it picks up after about page 80, and I’m at roughly page 50 right now. Just been a bit hard to muddle through (which is saying something, because I’m a fast reader), so I’m taking a couple of days away from it, and I’m reading the following…
  • “How to Be Good” by Nick Hornby. Hornby’s one of the best writers working today, and I’ve got big hopes for this one. It’s a couple of years old, but I’ve never gotten to it. His new one, “A Long Way Down” is also excellent.

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